Buying Property in Istanbul Turkey

Buying a property in Turkey

How to buy a property in Turkey

Looking for the best way for buying a property in Turkey, then you are at the right address. Alhuda Real Estate company welcomes you to its website and presents to you on this page the most important points that must be taken into consideration when buying a property in Turkey in order to ensure safe and easy ownership.

Legal point of view

In a major step to be calculated, Turkey abolished on the date of May 18, 2012, the condition of reciprocity for foreigners who have the desire to buy property in Turkey, which allowed every foreign person (holding a foreign nationality) to own property in Turkey and buy various properties such as (home/office / Shop/land / etc ...) in accordance with the legal frameworks of ownership in force in Turkey.

Learn about Turkey

Alhuda Real Estate Company will provide you with all-sufficient and adequate information about Turkey, both in terms of the regions and cities most suitable for real estate investment, and it will also provide you with a detailed explanation of the legal legislation and the economy of Turkey and all the profitable opportunities to invest in it.

Dear Customer, make sure that you have all the information that informs you about Turkey and do not hesitate to ask for help from sales consultants through a dedicated box to chat on our website in order to determine the best option for you.

Select your goal

Before everything, Alhuda Real Estate Company advises our esteemed clients to define the goal behind buying the property, as it was an investment or for stability and living or only to spend vacations and summer holidays, the fact that knowing the goal and setting it helps us to save time and determine the project and the property that is best for you according to your needs and financial capabilities.

See for yourself

Alhuda Real Estate Company will accompany you to see all the projects and properties that you would like to visit and give you the opportunity to see the project yourself on the ground until we will provide you with all the adequate information and detailed explanations about each project and its advantages so that the image becomes clear and you take the appropriate decision.

Purchase contract

In the event that one of the projects or properties gets your admiration and intends to proceed with the purchase of the property, the purchase contract for the property will be prepared and organized in more than one language in order to sign it by both the buyer, the customer and the seller, any construction company, in order to fully guarantee the rights of both parties and complete the necessary procedures and determine the date of delivery in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed in the contract.

Tax number and bank account

After completing the purchase process between the customer and the construction company, the customer must obtain his tax number in Turkey by registering with the local tax office, and it is preferable to open a bank account to help you facilitate all your financial operations such as payment of installments or bills for your apartment.

Alhuda Real Estate Company will accompany you and assist you with everything you need regarding these two steps.

Extra expenses

The client must take into account that there may be additional expenses of 5-6%, which are usually directed to complete the purchase process and to inquire about all payments and taxes that must be paid during and after the completion of the purchase, you only need to contact Alhuda advisors team or read the most important articles on the subject on the website.

After-sales real estate services

Alhuda Real Estate Company will accompany you until the last steps in order to obtain the title deed of the property, water, electricity, gas, telephone, internet, and other necessary procedures.